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Death Grip Saddle Bag Mustache Kit | Includes 4 Mustache Waxes, Night Fury, Pocket Comb & Large Travel Dopp Kit

Death Grip Saddle Bag Mustache Kit | Includes 4 Mustache Waxes, Night Fury, Pocket Comb & Large Travel Dopp Kit

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Death Grip Saddle Bag Mustache Dopp Kit:

The Death Grip Saddle Bag Mustache Dopp Kit represents the pinnacle of mustache care, meticulously designed for the discerning gentleman who values precision, style, and convenience in his grooming routine. This comprehensive collection encompasses a variety of mustache waxes, a specialized wax remover, a handy grooming tool, and a spacious Dopp kit for easy transport. Here's a closer look at each item in the kit:

  1. Death Grip Wax:

    The cornerstone of the kit, Death Grip Wax offers an extraordinary hold, ensuring your mustache remains impeccably styled throughout the day. Its robust formula is perfect for sculpting and maintaining sophisticated mustache styles.

  2. Bone Crusher Wax:

    This wax provides a sturdy yet pliable hold, allowing for a natural appearance while keeping your mustache perfectly groomed. Bone Crusher Wax is ideal for those who desire a balance between firmness and flexibility.

  3. Sudden Death Wax:

    Designed for swift styling adjustments, Sudden Death Wax offers a medium hold with a polished finish. It's the go-to choice for quick fixes, ensuring your mustache looks sharp and well-maintained at all times.

  4. Bare Bones Wax:

    For a subtle, unassuming hold, Bare Bones Wax is the answer. It imparts a light touch and a hint of shine, ideal for maintaining a natural mustache look with just enough control.

  5. Night Fury Mustache Wax Remover:

    Effortlessly remove wax at day's end with Night Fury. This specially formulated remover cleanses your mustache thoroughly, leaving it soft and free from any residue.

  6. Death Grip Pocket Comb:

    A vital tool for any mustache enthusiast, this compact comb is perfect for on-the-go grooming, ensuring your mustache remains neat and stylish wherever you are.

  7. Large Saddlebag Travel Dopp Kit:

    To house all these moustache care essentials, the kit includes a spacious and durable Dopp kit. It's designed for easy organization and transport, making it ideal for both home use and travel. This high-quality Dopp kit ensures that your mustache grooming tools and products are always within reach, whether you're at home or on the move. Made from synthetic leather. Please note, it's not an actual "saddlebag" we just call it that.

Every element in the Death Grip Saddlebag Mustache Kit is crafted with the highest quality ingredients and materials, guaranteeing an unparalleled mustache grooming experience. With everything you need in one convenient package, this kit stands as the ultimate solution for maintaining a splendid mustache, whether you're at home or journeying afar.


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